Communicating like Jesus

storytelling-workshopI was speaking with a fellow pastor friend of mine about “Communication from the pulpit” the other day. We started chatting about how do we communicate the way Jesus communicated. Well in order to know that we have to go back to scriptures. If we look at the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke we can see that Jesus communicated to the people using “story”. In Robert Stein’s book “The method and message of Jesus’ Teachings”, he says that no less than 35% of the time Jesus is teaching and communicating through “story”. The biggest reason for this is He knew that people relate to storytelling. A story can drive empathy in people to understand or share feelings on the given topic. Storytelling also forces people to listen and pay attention to what He was saying. Jesus knew this and I believe this is how Jesus was able to communicate to so many people in so little time. People could take the story and share those stories with others and so on. I believe if we want to share the Gospel, and Hope with people in our churches or even outside the church we need to tell more stories. That’s why it’s important in our Sunday worship services to have content devoted to storytelling. Some of the greatest sermons I have told where those with the strongest story. People were able to relate to what was said during that sermon because they could understand or personally relate to the story. But you need to understand this doesn’t mean some funny or cute sermon illustration. Its telling stories in a real authentic way is the key to making storytelling work.  One of the things I enjoy most about this is allowing the people of the church to tell their personal story. I have a strong belief that everyone has a story for someone. One of the greatest things is listening to peoples stories and allowing them to speak. I think if we want to Communicate the way Jesus did we need stories. So What’s yours?