~All new things in Christ~

As we look to the new year just days around the corner many of us set new goals and challenges. I am not one to always jump on that “New Years Resolutions” Train. But I am excited to take part in the 21 Days of Prayer + Fasting that many Churches are going to be doing. I putting a twister on it however and doing 21 Days of Prayer + 21 days to a better Health in intense workout schedule. Thanks to Studio Sweat the place I do my spin class there will be two straight weeks of what they are calling “Hell Week”. Sounds fun right… Ask me after day one. The Goal start something for the rest of the year. To make those long-term goals and “resolutions” that we all break by the first of the month anyway. It’s to start off the year with simple things. God and good Health. It’s been one year since I started my Journey to better health. I know I am not to my goal, (If I even know what that goal is yet other than being all that God created me to be) but I am closer than I was yesterday.

As we embark into this new year. We only wait to what God has in store for us. One thing I learned this past year is change doesn’t happen in a one day. However it builds a stronger tomorrow and the days that come. I know that spending 21 days in Prayer and intense spinning won’t change a lot but its will create a stronger tomorrow in my life.