~Vision Driven~ Notes from Conference

Day one of the ONE Conference and I’m in awe of His grace and beauty. From the moment we arrived I knew thisshutterstock_129632420 week was going to be slammed backed with the fullness of Christ. Boy was I right. Sam Rockwell from Gateway District lunched the week out by talking about “Losing Faith in God for Vision.” at least thats what I got out of it. Just a few key points that jumped in my head during this powerful word. I need to be self-confident in what God is doing in my ministry with me. In Luke 4:20 We can see a confident Jesus as he “..rolled up the scroll, handed it back to the attendant and sat down.” He knew right then there was no worry, He WAS. Remember a few weeks ago I talked about “letting God be” I think right here calls for another #LETGODBE plug. (Oneway I will build a sermon series around this idea) So after looking at all this Sam throw out 4 steps in getting the vision back.

1. We need to Keep Seeking it: this can be done by remembering the start of our calling into ministry. Finding ourselves in the Word of God. For me it’s remembering the story of Moses tending the flock of Jethro in the book of Exodus 3. For years I have always clicked with this storying of calling being the story my own calling into ministry.

2. We need to See it: There is where the POD plan and making goals come in had. a few years ago I talked about seeing through clear color glasses vs cool color classes vs me color classes. I know this was a sermon I did not related to this topic but still my mind keeps going back to putting on the clear color classes (The God Focused classes) Sam talked about convergence vs divergence seeing.

3. Prep “Prepare” for it: A few weeks ago I preached on preparing for the harvest that God is about to bring. We need not to only spiritually (Heart) prepare for great things but physically prepare ourselves. I think over the past year this has been my biggest focus and mindset. Ever heard me say “Think Big” Well I think this is where this again comes in at. We need to have a mindset big enough for our large God! Don’t limit Him.

4. Use It: Learn something alone the way. This is a big one for me as I am always learning something every turn I make. I have to say in my life I have made lots of turns. Maybe too many. One of the best illustrations Sam used was a horse in training running up to a jump or hurdle. it runs up and right before it should jump over it turns and walks back. and it keeps doing this over and over again before actually jumping. While it does this it learns something new every time it runs up. the way the land is, how much time it takes, how high it needs to jump. Over and over then at some point it jumps. Sometimes we keep turning back wanting to learn something new but it comes to a point where we have learned what we have and we just need to go for it. Throw our Heart over! Wow has there ever been times where I just had to throw my Heart over!

Powerful stuff. I am still digesting all this.