Catch the Whisper?

whisperSo after months of seeking God on what path to travel down. I finally heard a whisper. Sometimes thats all it takes is a simple whisper. As much as we say we are waiting on God and listening to He word we really need to be listening for hose whispers that we sometimes can miss. I wonder how many times in my life I have missed the whisper? I bet this is what Matthew 24:42 meant by “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” Sometimes in order to catch the whisper we have to stop asking God for direction and be still. I know in my life, it’s hard to be still. Sometimes God just makes me want to shout….” hallelujah… thank you… Jesus…” Oh wait a minute did I just break out with the song “When I think about the Lord” Oh I guess I did. There I go again not being still. Anyway. At times I think God just has to tell me to Shut Up! Stop the yapping and just let God be. One of the greatness things God has shown me the past few weeks is #LETGODBE. We can come up with all these great plans however if its not God’s plan and His will good luck buddy you are getting nowhere. So with all that said I am learning sometimes less is more. I just need to #LETGODBE


PS the link to this powerful song I learned in college is HERE (Maybe I need to come back to this later to talk about how this song brought my to my knees and took me to greater levels with my Walk with Christ during school)