Great Reminders! Little Joys!

Before leaving the South, I was reminded of God’s Greatness through our campus painter, While chatting with him and getting him something he needed, he stopped me in the laundry room (small 5×7 room) and started praying the spirit over me and over this new chapter in our lives. What a powerful reminder I was given to how real the Holy Spirit is.

While driving over 3 days to start this new chapter in life I was able to spend many hours in the 27 foot moving truck praying and worshiping God a long the way. Without a CD player, tape player or good radio I was left without music besides anything local on the radio. While tuning each channel on the radio I came to the song “One Thing Remains” I was reminded that after everything in this life, when things looks dark and to the end His Love still stands. I then came across the song “City on A Hill” and was reminded that in that darkness of the world we meaning myself (I) can share the light unto the world! A few states a way I came across the song “Potters Hand” A song I have heard for the past year more than I would ever want to. But In listening to this song. I heard the words that I have heard so many times before but this time they spoke to me in a different way. I was reminded that when I am broken He can heal me when everything seems pointless and lost. Before entering the state of CO I heard one last song called “It’s a New Life” and I was reminded that Today starts a new day in the Lord.  The sun comes in the morning and nothing can take the Love of Christ away. While listing to this song I started to pray once more for God’s Blessing and Thanking Him for the safe travel and giving Debbie and I peace over all of this and while praying and the ending of this song lead into Chris Tomlin’s song “Whom shall I Fear” It got stuck in my head and I kept hearing over and over again in my head:
I know Who goes before me

 I know Who stands behind 
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side
The One who reigns forever
He is a Friend of mine
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side”

What a great way to end the beginning of something new! 
In His Grip, 

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