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movies-exodus-gods-and-kings-poster-01    I am so not a fan of Hollywood’s style of “Christian Movies” But I really must say I am really drawn to the new movie, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. I think for the main reason that it’s on Exodus. I have preached for years many of the stories that will be played out in this movie. I really do hope its made well and true to scripture. I very much disliked the last few “christian” movies that Hollywood has come out with. I think they want so much to add the hardcore violence and sex that they put a twist on it to sale more tickets. (Then we wonder why people look down on Christians, Wow we will save that rant for another time) I think if they would really dig deep into scripture they would find that stuff like all that already is there. The Bible does not have a PG rating all the time. With some of the things found in scripture they might have to give the movie a rating of R. My word they could make a porno out of Song of Solomon. They can do a Murder Mystery with Moses and who knows what else they could make. I hope that This movie will make it where I feel the movie “Noah” failed in. Don’t get me wrong I know that may people loved the movie Noah but I feel they really tried to rewrite the story all together.. I am just glad they even had the ark and didn’t change it to some spaceship or tour bus or something. Oh wait Noah and a Spaceship……. now that would be some movie. Oh well Exodus comes tomorrow so I will be interested in what the review are by others.


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