~FALL on me~

It is fall praise GOD! I love the fall season. The weather becomes cool, the leaves change color and Pumpkins Spice becomes the smell day-to-day from the Coffee at Starbucks to the plug-ins placed in my office to the candle I burn in the bedroom. Even as I type this I am drinking my last cup of lemonade for the summer season. There is just something off about drinking a lemonade in the fall and winter months that seems wrong in all ways.
For the past week I have been listening and really hanging on to the words of  Chris Tomlin’s song “Whom shall I fear” It says “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind….” It goes on the say “My Strength is in Your Name For you alone can save, You will deliver me, Yours is the victory Whom shall I fear. Whom shall I fear!” I think my life right now this song is what I need to hear each day. Its everything I feel I am currently facing put in one song to let me know He is greater, He is bigger and He is all I need. I love knowing that He has gone before me to the place I fear the most. and He knows whats on the other side of the cliff. I guess the hard part is wanting to take that step into not knowing what will happen or not knowing what I will do, who I will meet, or how I will survive. Over time I think I will get more into why I have the subtitle of “where the rainbow leads” but I will hold off on just that. But before the rainbow comes the rain, and sometimes a storm. I feel like I have been in the storm way to long. But what happens in the storm seems to cause us to grow the most. It goes back to the breaking of the bread in 1 Corinthians 11 I have preached on in years past. We must be broken before we are blessed. We must withstand the storms of life before the rainbows come. Who said life was going to be full of peace and unrest.
    Speaking about the promises of the Rainbow God gave I am sometimes reminded as a child I would come to find a random Bird feather laying on the ground. My grandmother would also tell me pick it up and always remember when a father is found. It’s a remember that Jesus Loves You! I think that stuck with me even today. Besides the horrid germs I am sure that are on those things. (Note: I don’t think I was so much a germaphobe when I was young as I am today) Even today when I find a father laying on the ground I reach over to pick it up and remember that no matter where I am in life. Jesus Loves Me! I know it might sound odd and even corny but hey what can I say. Whom shall I fear!

In His Grip,


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