Power of Prayer

Here is a short post mostly for the reason I am on my iPad and just not in the mood to write much. But while thinking today I have had my mind on the power of prayer. And how great prayer is. On of the best book I have read on prayer and one that is in my list of top books is The Circle Maker. I have talked about this book many times over the past year and if you look over the past year you will find post I have done on just that one book. But anyway back to the topic I want to hit home here. The power of prayer. Some many times in my life I have seem prayer work and no that didn’t always come out the way I was thinking or even always the way I would have liked however there Is power in prayer. I have been blessed to see lives changed, people healed and families healed due to prayer. Even now during this time I am praying and circling things in prayer. One of the greatness things I love about prayer is be able to stand still and listening to what Christ wants to say through His Word and for my life. I will post more on this later. I love this topic on prayer. God is Godd \o/ 

In His grip,
Pastor J 

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