The Bloom in Subscribers!

I just want to stop and thank everyone who has subscribed to my site. I first started this site on 12/27/07  with short hello post however over the years it seems to have grow more then I have known. I don’t always check my views and subscribers however I noticed last night I hit the yearly subscribe count was at 9,594 members and my view count at about 230 views a day. I am not big about numbers and I know that’s low to some out there however I find that just Crazy! I know many of my readers are pastors and ministry leaders from around the world. Some people have come across my site via my “Pastors” Facebook page you can find Here I started many years ago and is a network of Pastors from around the world and one of the largest groups on Facebook. Or they have come from just a simple Google search, Twitter post or maybe in the rare form of I know the person. I am yet a master of Blogger and not 100% sure the differences in subscribers. There seems to be two forms where people can subscribe or follow. It seems if have a blogger account with Google you can follow my site or you are able to use the Subscribe to link I have put to the right of the screen —–>>> This seems to be more of the thing to do instead of “following”. Not sure the details of this. But anyway once again Thank you for all reading and May you each find the power and Grace in our Lord Jesus!   

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