Praise Him!!

I will not give up to despair. I will hold onto hope. I will trust in God, whatever may be His plan. I will thank and praise Him for the gifts I have been given.

When we are going through a trial in life, we have a choice to make. we can let the trial bring us down and consume our life or we can hold onto hope and live in that hope. When we make the decision to rest in hope, we can begin to let go of fears and worries and questions, We can let go of all those things that just eat away at our happiness and joy.

I love how this verse reminds us to always have hope and to praise Him. how easy would it be to let disappointments of my life not receiving complete healing, overwhelm every moment of my life and let it bring me into despair? But making the choice to always have hope, leaves the rest of up to God… where it belongs. There is nothing we can do about situations that come up, so why waste our precious time dwelling in it.

We can rest knowing we have hope and we can move on with our thoughts and strength being used to “praise Him!”

In His Grip,

Pastor J

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