Get Ready!

It’s been a slow week and to be honest I have not gotten much done. I think after the last few weeks I needed some time to just rest and get things in order. I think we all need that time to take and rest and get ourselves ready for the work ahead. While picking up Emily this week at school I have had some time to sit in the car pool line and talk with Ethan or more me talk he listen, however today as he was quacking at the birds out the window I was able read a word in The Word while we wait. I came across this truth found in Proverbs 24:27, I really like the way The GN translation puts it. Don’t build your house and establish a home until your fields are ready, and you are sure that you can earn a living.” So in a way I feel I am getting ready for the fields for a great harvest that’s coming. Maybe you feel that same way. Well I hope to take some time early next week to look at some whys I feel we can get the fields ready for that next chapter in your life or harvest He is bringing like that new season I spoke about a few days ago. As the summer months come to a end we start on the coming season of fall and boy and I ready for it to come. I enjoy the cool days and smells leading up to Thanksgiving and then to one of the great seasons of Christmas. I can’t wait. 
In His Grip,

Pastor J  

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