~Garden of Your Mind~

Here is a remix of Mr. Rogers called Garden of Your Mind. I was a big fan of Mr. Rogers growing up not just because we have the same last name but he was a overall a humble man of God and lets not forget a Pastor to top it off. 
The following mp3 version of Garden of Your Mind includes lyrics that are not in the PBS video version. Listen carefully to the music and you’ll hear Fred Rogers’ pastoral theology come out clearly: “‘Agape’ that’s one way that you say ‘love.’ Hello out there! There are so many ways of expressing love in this world. Imagine every person that you see is somewhat different from every other person in the world. Some can do some things, some can do others” (see 1 Corinthians 12 and 13). You knew Mr. Rogers was a pastor, right? Just a Cool remix to the heart of one man. I am sure in the line he was in with TV it was hard for him to share Jesus on Air and I am sure they have to keep watch over every word he would say however deep down with a little time you can see He shared much more then puppets and trains. 

In His Grip,

-Pastor J 

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