Do You Live on an Island or Bridge? (Heart Check)

I’ve met many people during my years of ministry. Wonderfully flawed, beautifully imperfect souls whose journeys have been dotted with ups and downs, victories and losses.

One thing I have noticed that has proven to be true more times than not is shaped by the question, “Do they live on an Island or a Bridge?” Here’s how this goes:

The island is what one would define as a normal life. Daily schedules, common frustrations and everyday tasks all contribute to their steady rhythms of life. Stress levels ebb and flow just like everyone elses. Those who live mostly on islands are what you’d call normal.

The bridge is defined as the more-than-normal struggles in their life. A failed class, job, business or relationship. A tragic loss, a major health issue, a sudden drama. The bridge is a place of transition.

Island dwellers are uncomfortable with being on the bridge but see it as a connection to another island; an island where they can set up home again and settle into normalcy.

Bridge dwellers are uncomfortable with islands. When life seems to be going well, IE they are on an Island, they become fidgety. As a result, they consciously create drama so they can live on the uncertain, swaying of the bridge. Their normalcy is chaos and think that something is wrong unless they or someone around them is crazy or drama!

Examine your life’s attitude. Are you an Island dweler or a Bridge dweler? Can you identify people who live mainly on the Islands or Bridges?

I found this to be a great heart check for myself this week. With living so near the sea and islands I had to bring it up.
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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