~God’s Will~

We tend to put God in a box. We expect Him to do things our way. We share our plans with Him, thinking that He will be there to help; but we never ask Him what He wants for us. We need to remember that God works in His own way, and His own time. And if you want give Him a good laugh, tell him your plans. “As for God, his way is perfect…” (2 Samuel 22:31, NIV).

I heard it again from someone struggling in their work. Hey I have been there myself! Frustration walking the line with Bitterness, this person asked, “What is God’s will for my life?!” The cry of millions wanting to do more but feeling lost and unfulfilled in thepersonal and work life.

I’ve processed that question many times. I’ve poured over scripture looking for the verse that tells me what I’m supposed to do. But guess what – the specifics aren’t there! The question “What is God’s will for my life?” should be shortened to “What is God’s will?” That’s an easier question to answer.

God’s will is that people come to know Him and be saved. God’s will is that people would come to know that there is forgiveness, peace and love offered through Jesus and that that message is carried and delivered by us. God’s will for your life is, if you’re a Christ-follower, that whatever you do with the hours you’ve been given, you ask and act on the question, “How can I best spread the message of Jesus today?” That’s it. From there, God doesn’t care what you do for a career. It is no more holy being a pastor that it is a plumber. It is no more holy being a worship leader than being a window washer. God has people in every arena of life to be lights to the world.

Once we understand that, the adventure begins. The journey of discovering how God made you (your gifts and talents), developing your passions and dreams and then deploying them through your work, family and community.

What is God’s will for your life? It’s to love Him and to use your gifts for your fulfillment and others – all the while waking up everyday and asking “How can I best be a light to people around me?”

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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