Tall Ships Trip!

On Friday Debbie called me and stated that she won VIP tickets to the Tall Ships. So today we headed downtown and made a family day of it. It’s rare we get time away from all the stress in life and get to spend time together and have some fun. It was a great time and the weather was on our side. We got to ride the ferry a few times and Emily loved that however not so much the loud sound from the motors. The tours on the boats where great and we even got to tour the bounty from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great to see things in real life and to stand on the same boat they filmed the movie off of. They had a nice little area for kids and Emily and Ethan got to spend come time making a craft I think Emily got a bird house and then everyone got to watch a bit of the puppet show they had. It even made me want to get out Charlie and play along. We where able to use our VIP passes to get into a nice area with free drinks and snacks. It only cost us $5 for parking the whole day and I think it was something we might have to do again next year if they come to Savannah again. You can check out some more pictures I took on my Facebook page. The day was well needed and good to have time to relax.

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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