The Proposal

I know this is not the norm post for me but I came across this video today and had to share it… I met this guy in the video (Davin) a few years back when I was a summer camp pastor. His heart was SOLD to Jesus and here years later he is the same guy who is more passionate about Christ then ever. It’s a little long and there are some really funny and dumb parts but I really found it to be good. The things that really got me in this video was the cross. as Davin states it all starts at the cross and from the start it’s is wish Christ in the center in all they do. What a great reminder of truth I hope and pray Debbie and I never lose. That Christ is the center of everything. The next few things I noticed in this video was the guy at the start who walked Christina in the church. It her Father. How cool is that to have her father give her away even before the wedding. I think it made a great statement even before the wedding. The next thing I noticed was yes the 1st song was great however their was a lady in the shadows singing live song number 2. I found that just to be plain cool. One of the biggest things I noticed during this time was the prayers said… I am not saying there is that need or even that want of SO many prayers however I found it set the great focus of what Davin was setting out to do… Come to the feet of the cross together. I found the prayers sweet and a powerful statement to the heart of both Davin and Christina. The last part I noticed in this video was the family member hidden in the dark shadows of the church. I found this to be just a cool way to make everyone part of this great time for Davin and Christina. Over all I found this to be just great! May the Lord be the center and rain many blessings down on Davin and Christina. It might not the the way a lot of us would have done it or even did do it. But I take my hat off to Davin. I remember Debbie and I’s proposal and it felt like just last week. I always call it under the plam tree however I have been told over and over again it’s the OAK tree. LOL maybe one day coming up in May I will share the story again. If I can get it rightLOL
Just a little side note. Davin is from Inman, SC (bet you would have never guessed with his country accent) and is a student from North Greenville. Davin and Christina got married this past Dec 17th 2011. at First Baptist North Spartanburg, in South Carolina.

Anyway till next time,
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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