Easter Week Timeline

With Easter here I wanted to share a short timeline of Passion Week and what happe each day in the week. I am not going into too much detailed however if you so some studying in your Bible you will find this info…

Sunday -March 29Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem
Spends the night in Bethany

Monday -March 30
Leaves Bethany
Curses the fig tree on the way into the city
Weeps over Jerusalem
Cleanses the temple for the second time in His ministry
Late in day, looks into the Temple, then leaves the city
Spends the night in Bethany

Tuesday -March 31Leaves Bethany
Finds the fig tree withered; teaches on faith
Possesses the temple and its precincts; confounds and pronounces woes upon His enemies
Leaves city; Olivet Discourse on way back to Bethany
Judas bargains with Sanhedrin to betray Jesus
Spends the night in Bethany

Wednesday -April 1Silent Day
No record in the Gospels, but much activity as Jesus prepares for Last Supper and as Judas and Sanhedrin prepare for Jesus’ arrest
Remains in Bethany throughout the day, stays night there

Thursday -April 2Peter and John sent to make preparation for Passover meal
After sunset, eats meal with the twelve; washes disciples; Judas departs
Lord’s Supper instituted
To Garden of Gethsemane; Jesus’ agony
Betrayal by Judas; arrest by Sanhedrin
To house of High Priest as Sanhedrin is convened; Peter betrays Jesus

Friday -April 3The Trials of Jesus Christ
First trial, before Annas [nightime hours]; Annas is looking for an accusation, biding time till Sanhedrin is gathered at High Priestly villa
Second [and primary] trial before Sanhedrin, Jesus is condemned, misused
Third trial, immediately at dawn [meanwhile, Peter denies Jesus a third time; Jesus looks upon him]; the condemnation repeated, then Jesus taken to Romans
Fourth trial before Pilate [till “beginning at Galilee”]
Fifth trial before Herod [looks for miracle]
6th trial before Pilate
Jesus is scourged; the city cries, “Crucify Him or we will tell Rome!”
Jesus is finally turned over to be crucified
Jesus mocked (Roman soldiers); crown of thorns
Judas hangs himself
Jesus bears His cross to gate on north of city and is crucified around 9 am

Jesus’ Seven Sayings from the Cross
“Father, forgive them…”
“Today…with me in paradise”
“Woman, behold thy son…” [darkness: noon – 3 pm]
“My God, My God…”
“I thirst”
“It is finished”
“Into Thy hands…”

The Death of the God-Man About 3 pm; veil torn, rocks rent; some graves opened and people rise [to mortality] and go into the city
Jesus’ side pierced
Passover lambs slain in temple
Jesus buried by sundown

Saturday -April 4At the request of the Jewish leadership, Pilate grants a guard and sets a seal on the tomb of Jesus

Sunday -April 5Jesus Christ rises from the dead (before dawn) and makes five appearances on the day of His rising:
To Mary Magdalene [given a message to the disciples]
To the other women who come to the tomb [intending to complete the burial preparation of His body]
To two disciples on the Road to Emmaus
To Simon Peter [nowhere recorded, but alluded to in Luke 24:33–35 and 1 Corinthians 15:5]
To the astonished disciples [Thomas is absent]

In His Grip,
-Pastor J

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