~No Substitute~

The less Holy Spirit we have, the more cake and coffee we need to keep the church going. Nothing against cake or coffee, but there is NO substitute for the HOLY SPIRIT.

I hate to say it and I think it is sad I even have to however churches today are running on the idea of It’s all about me, How can I get something out of the church, and What can the church do for me instead of the idea that what can I do for the church. I have been in church a long time and pastored and ministered in many churches and I see this all the time. Looking at this for so many years I have to come to the point on if some churches are embracing the Holy Spirit at all. I have worked in church for many years and I have to say many churches out there miss the full picture. I have heard so many time over and over again “The Father, The Son and “It”.” I am sorry but the Holy Spirit is not a “It”. There is NO substitute for the Holy Spirit no matter how nice of words or how nice of picture you can paint.

In His Grip,

-Pastor J

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