~New MAV~

So after many weeks of searching and praying

reat fit for our family and it’s different just as we are. The kids are enjoying having a lot more room then they have had and I think I am going to enjoy the 33 mpg at only $40 to fill up. This may seem high for some but with having a truck that gets about 17 to 19 mpg and cost $80 to fill up this is a great choice. Thank the Lord for providing us with the right needed Car…oops MAV.
r what to do about getting a car it seems today was the day that the Lord blessed us with a new car or should I say MAV. Or at least it’s new to us. Debbie and I went to the mazda dealership today to look at a car that might would work well for us. However after a test drive and spending some time thinking It was just not the right car for us. Salesman Rob new to the mazda dealership showed us this dark blue mazda 5. At 1st I didn’t know what to think as It’s something that Debbie nor I have seen before. It was the size of a car, looked like a crossover but had back doors like a mini-van and had 3rd r

ow seating. Once I say it I asked Rob where’s the crowns. as It looked really cool but spacey. After doing some research on it I found out is not a mini-van, suv, car, crossover (as I was thinking it was) but a “MAV” ( Multi Activity Vehicle) to be honest I have never heard of a “MAV” before however after reading all the papers and looking it up there it seems to be a new kind of model both Mazda and Ford companies are making now over

the next few years. I looked at the Ford MAV and it looks cool as well they have one that is a bright lime green color. I think it’s a g

In His Grip,

-Pastor J


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