I have so missed the perks of living in the city. I am walking distance to just about everything I would need right out side my office. One on the biggest things I have missed is all the people. I am so much of a people person so I like seeing and meeting new people. I think I have been in the woods way to long. I have noticed over the past few years I dress has go way down and I most of my cloths are getting out dated. I truck well It’s so not a city car and the gas on the thing is killing me. It’s nice to be working in a area where I can find a Starbucks or Cafe on every corner. I do have to say I so don’t miss the city traffic however I didn’t mind it too bad today as it took me a little less then a hour to get home. I think that is great. It’s not Greenville or even Nashville where you wait and wait and wait. Another thing I think I will enjoy over all is Debbie’s Office is right down the street from mine and I think that cool. God really lined things up in a big way there. She will be getting a company car so will not need to use ours however till then on the days we go in at the same time we can car pull and save on gas. One of the This I have started praying over is cars as over the next month or so I start looking for a new car. Something with good MPG, that can fit two car seats in it and to be honest that fits the “City Life”. I have missed my Nissans I have owned in the past. I don’t know what we will get but I would like something that is like a small SUV or something like that. Sporty and something that will last us for a good while. You never know when you look for a used but newer car but it will work out. God is good. I am ready to pass out now and I do have to go to work in the morning for a few hours to get ready for next week!

In His Grip,
Pastor J

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