TC – Day 3

Another long drive back to SC….opps GA. However at times I wish it was to SC. I do miss my home state but I know God has me where he wants me for now. It was a great time spending with my students on the drive back and we where even able to stop for a nice lunch not far from Rock Hill, SC. what a great place. As We came back I had to pray over and over again for God’s will for my life. As the days move on I do think he is speaking to me more and more. I feel a pain at times however I have a overwhelming feeling of Great love and peace in my life right now. While in WV the past few days we heard a song written and sung by Klye and I have gotten the freedom to share this song with you… Maybe one day it will be for sale as It’s so powerful. Listen to the Words and may it give you hope this Christmas.


Kyle MacCallum
Why Would I want to?
Copywritten (C)

In His Grip,

Pastor J

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