I was reading over a few of my friends and dear brothers in Ministry’s blogs and came across this great post about leadership and Change… I find it makes one think and I find it to be very good to take some time and pray over.
What would change if we didn’t operate as if leadership was the primary lever by
which change happens? What if our perception that being the person in your
church to lead the community to faithfulness is a barrier to what we hope for in
the lives of people? What might happen if we spend a year not trying to change anyone or anything, but only created space for others to do what they thought was faithful as a
church? What would it require of our hearts? Would we be able to do it? Is there
something about the way we lead that feeds our needs and deflects ideas of others in our church with different perspectives? Could we even give up our agenda for a week to listen to what else God is doing? Are we so certain that our agenda and God’s agenda are the same that we can’t
even fathom the questions above? Could our internal resistance to the questions
above, in fact be a sign that our agenda isn’t the only one God is concerned
about? What’s at risk if we change as leaders? Are the things that come to mind related to fears we have and refuse to face? What’s at risk if we as leaders refuse to be changed ourselves? What kind of leadership is that? What’s at stake if we never dig within ourselves to discover the motivations we hide from ourselves? What would change if we focused on changing ourselves and letting our communities focus on changing themselves as a community? What would change if we
stopped trying to fix people, or get the to agree with our doctrine, theology, or perspective?
What would it look like to trust the Holy Spirit more than ourselves?
What would change?

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