~The Green Horse is Sick~

So for the 1st time I have had the Horse (my truck) break down on me… I have had it for two years this Jan 2012. I was out of town at the 1st of this week and didn’t drive it anywhere and Wednesday I drove fine. I didn’t use it Thursday as someone else picked me up and took me out however we got in it to head to the church fellowship today and I didn’t get far. It sounds like something is way off with the fuel system at least that is what it sounds like. But again I am a city boy and no nothing about a car or truck but where to put gas in it and how to take it to the fix it shop! LoL I hate when we only have one car but it really sucks when we are down to nothing…. BLAH! My baby is sick and needs to get better. The goal is to take it in on Monday as everywhere is closed over the weekend and praying it does not cost alot as we are poor people and just don’t have money to put into it. Oh when it rains is storms! Maybe if I pray hard someone will give me a new car! just kidding LOL that will never happen!
In His Grip,

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