~Words Hurt~

What a very bad day. Today it’s best to stay silent and know that MY GOD IS BIGGER! One thing I have learned this week is even the Church can fail. And ONLY His Love is never failing. One of the greatness things in life is We have to answer to noone but the Lord Jesus Christ and only through His blood are we saved. God is a just God and I am thankful for that. Today I did some reading in Matthew. I understand how Peter felt.
“Then Peter came to Jesus. ‘Lord, if my brother keeps on hurting me, how many times should I forgive him?’ he asked. ‘Should I forgive him seven times?’ ‘No, not just seven times, but forgive him seventy times seven times’, Jesus
said.‘Where God rules is like a king. The king wanted to collect all the money that his servants owed him. So he began to do this. Then they brought a man to him who owed him millions of silver coins. The man was not able to pay. So the master ordered them to sell the man, his wife,
his children and all his possessions. The master would receive that money to pay the servant’s debt. Then the servant kneeled in front of the king. “Be patient with me”, he said. “I will pay back everything that I owe you.” And the master pitied him. So he forgave the servant for all that he owed. And he let the servant leave free.That servant went out then. But he found one of the other servants who owed him just a few silver coins. The first servant held the second servant firmly. He began to squeeze the second servant’s neck. “Pay back what you owe me!” he
demanded.The second servant kneeled down in front of him. “Be patient with me and I will pay you back”, he said.But the first servant refused. Instead, he caused the authorities to throw the other servant into prison. And he had to stay there until he could pay back the debt. The rest of
the servants saw what had happened. And they were very upset about it. So they told their master everything that had happened.Then the master called the first servant to come back to him. “You wicked servant”, he said, “I forgave all your debt to me because you asked me to. You should have pitied the other servant, just as I pitied you!” His master was very angry. So he handed the servant over to the prison officers for punishment. He must stay in prison until he paid everything back to his master.You must forgive your brothers. My Father who is in heaven will act like this king towards each of you. So you must forgive them from deep inside yourselves.’”
Matthew 18:21-35
In His Loving Grip,
Pastor J

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