so after a few weeks thinking and praying over what to do with our van we put it up for sale. Well within the next 24 hours we had a buyer and Sold it! The question come to me head that maybe we sold it too cheap.. However I have to remind myself that it was a little over blue book and the reason for that is it was a strong running van and I really wanted at least part of what we put into it over the time we had it. It was still a steal for what it was. Our biggest prayer is that it could be a blessing to someone else as it has been for us. The man we sold it to have been over seas working in missions and is looking to get back on his feet here in the USA. So with that behind us we start the next few months researching a new car. (at least newer for us) We would like to get a car/small suv or even crossover this time. The biggest thing is it needs to have 4 doors, great on gas and be able to fit a fat man inside LoL 🙂 and lets not forget two car seats in the back. I am thinking: Toyota Camry, Nissan maxima, or maybe a Hyundai, or Kia, or even a Ford Escape. Who knows we are going to start the research now and start praying the Lord will line up something for us that fits our family needs and budget. Praise the Lord for a good sale today!!
In His Grip,

One thought on “SOLD!

  1. Seems like it was an answered prayer and meant to be that you sold it that fast. But it was a great inexpensive van and God blessed yall that you were able to afford it andit ran as good as it did. So trust God he is lining up your next car/van blessing!

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