Football Team Stats:

Here are the stats for my Carolina boys… WOW so far a great year!

Sat, Sept 3 vs East Carolina W 56-37
Sat, Sept 10 vs Georgia W 45-42
Sat, Sept 17 vs Navy W 24-21
Sat, Sept 24 vsVanderbilt W21-3
Sat, Oct 1 vs Auburn L 16-13
Sat, Oct 8 vs Kentucky W 54-3

now my TN vols are a differant story this year.. they need to shape up. The main issue we have this year is there are so many young guys on the field this year and just don’t know what they are doing. I think there has been a few bad calls made this year too. 😦 This up and coming saturday they are going to be playing LSU and talk about bad called last year just sucked at the last touchdown being recalled. Blah… maybe this year we can beat their butts! Oh well off to enjoy my rainy, foggy thursday!

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