New Student Ministry- Kick Off!

So It seems over the past few weeks there has become a great need on Sunday nights for our students. Now if you know me you would know I am all about simplifying church and ministry and I teach and preach it over and over again to keep it simple! So this is a very new to me having to launch another student ministry all in one place. But God is still a great and big God, and knows whats He is doing! After some deep, long and mind blowing prayer and talks with pastor friends over the past few hours and days I move forward with this new ministry. We will be 24-7 Ministries this Sunday at 6:00 PM. It seems the Lord has already started moving in great ways. From leadership, to study, to layout even to providing funds to kick this thing off. This will be set a side of what we are doing on Wed nights at Diversity Student Ministires and will not be apart of it. From differant leaders, layout, training and over all purpose. All I know is I am am holding on and letting God drive us where He wants us to go. With seat belts on here we go!
Let me share just a little about what 24-7 Ministries is for the ones who don’t know. 24-7 Ministries is part of the Awana Clubs that meet in churches all over the world. 24-7 ministries is for middle and high school students and even goes up to college in some areas. There are two parts of 24-7 one Trek. Trek challenges middle-school students to consider their destiny in Christ and pursue it through life application of God’s Word. This is a great starting point for all middle schoolers who are seeking there place in the world. Next is Journey, Journey challenges High School students in an energetic look at biblical based content, life application and an emphasis on Scripture memory and discipleship. This is great for any students who want to deepen their walk with Christ and who is wanting more out of life!
I have been part of Awana Clubs now for 5 years in past churches I have been apart of, this making it my 6th year. I started out as a leader moving my way up to club director then to club commander and adopt-a-club director. So I am ready to get back into something I know works and if done right works well. (I have noticed that most churches don’t do Awana Club right and need more training over the past few years of me watching other churches) But away we will how things play out if this is what Christ wells for our ministry may be be fulfilled.
In His Grip,

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