Human Reasoning or Heavenly Revelation

While listening to a sermon by a dear friend and brother in Christ this morning. Over the past few weeks I have be wondering why is it that Christ allows churches the run in the way they do. I am once again contacted this week about another church that closed it’s doors this past Sunday. I heard just this past week how it is ranked for 2011 85% of churches from all dons and backgrounds are dieing or dead churches. Wow 85%!! That seems so high but as I attend many churches through out the Southeast I start to believe that it really could be true. In the area we currently live there is 1 church for every 30 people. I am blown away by that. It seems even with so many churches in one area that is such a big need not for more churches but an awaking that is bigger then ourselves and own doing but by the powerful Holy Spirit. It’s funny over the past few weeks and even month I have been listening to a few current church sermons and I am shocked how most all of the the churches I have heard or seen are talking about God’s Vision. I am not sure if there is a memo going around to each pastor or if the Lord is preparing churches for something coming. I think this past week I heard the same sermon preached about four times all from differant pastors, churches and all in differant ways. I great to see how the Lord is moving not only in our area but all over the world. Even in these times we have many people who are still living by Human reasoning and it seems to always get in the way of God’s movment however God is greater and we can make the choice to listen to those things that get in the way or move forward with a Heavenly Revelation.I could go on and on but I won’t for now. Pushing Play to the story of God!
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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