Changes… The Smell What a Wonderful word!

Well there seems to be great changes to the campus of PBC. It starting to feel clean and starting to feel it’s having a bigger purpose them just for sundays. It’s great to see churches enbracing change. Over the many years in ministry I have seem so many church set back and keep doing what they do for years and years not knowing where they are going or even why they are doing what they are doing. The only thing they know is they have done it the same way for years before and thats why they do what they do. But anyway thats another long post in it’s self. So debbie is over with her girls small group taking over the house for the night and I am over at a friends house doing some work for in the morning. I have much moreing work to be done so I am off but before i go I wanted to show this video form a church I have know the pastor at and found this video to be very good.
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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