It’s Not about YOU!

not long ago I picked up this book by a Student Pastor I met a few years back, Jonathan Mckee. In His book titled Connect, “real relationships in the world of isolation” I have to laugh as this is something I have been preaching and teaching for many years. If you have known me for any short time you would know I use the word “Connect” daily. I have learned over the past two years living in smaller towns that this word is something new as well as small groups. I believe one of the best ways to connect to students or any of God’s people are within the context of a small group. Again this is something I have been stating for many years. It funny to see how new this is to some church bodies and areas within the USA. It’s great to see over these past few years how people at getting on board with this and How God is working. It’s all about relationships (Hello I just said the KEY word here)with students that go beyond the youth(or Student) room. It’s hard at time teaching and coaching leaders over the years that have a view that student ministry is all about the “Yes Lords”, The Prayers, the Bible readings, the Churchy Stuff and that it’s much more. It’s about thinking out side the box. (a side note on that… I have learned that most people don’t really iknow what thinking out side the box really means) I think over time people took ministry and created what worked for them not understanding that ministry was not about creating around the people but ministry was the people. Oh how I could go on and on about this topic but I will stop before I brake someones toes. In a short on the other hand….. Jonathan Mckee book “Connect” is a great book that I hope opens many people eyes to this idea I have been teaching for many years!
In His Grip,

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