Saturday Football and Peanuts!

My football stats for today:

TN 23 vs. FL 33

SC 24 vs. Navy 21

NC 28 vs. VA 17

Great day today for the most part… The weather was SO nice. I woke up to windows opened and A/C off. I the washer put in, as the one we had went out this past week. We hope to have someone check out getting a new motor for it. It’s only a 1 1/2 old so it’s really not that old of a washer. In other news My TN Vols played a good game vs. Fl however we didn’t beat them and I didn’t think we would. But hold on my South Carolina boys know how to giver a beating to those Navy dudes! Over all this has started out to be a great year for my teams in the world of college football. Maybe we can hold strong and end a great year.
In other news it was great to get out of the house some today and enjoy some fellowship with a few older members of PBC. It was great to connect with some people we aren’t always able to speak to with all the busy run-a-arounds during sundays and weekly serivces. I think Emily ate over a pound in peanuts tonight… yummmy they are some good eating. Well thats it for today! Lets hope and prayer this weather stays around for a long time!
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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