~Coffee Cafe~

Had a great cup of coffee this morning and then it seemed that everyone I mean everyone even my phone wanted to pull me do this or doing that… So after some time trying to have a meeting with one of my interns I had to change the environment and get out for a while. I did just that. We went to the coffee shop in town and worked on getting some things done. It was great to be able to get out and be in a place that smells SO good. I didn’t get any coffee however I did get a yummy cup of tea. Next time I will be sure to get a cup of coffee. With free Internet and a good place to sit to get some work done, it all reminded me of the great days I had living in the city and when we went to the coffee cafe for our church staff meetings and the time we did small group a jammin java. Oh what a great time that was. The best part was I got so much work done. From making needed calls to emails to working on the next few months planning events and even my next sermon series. I did get some great ideas for redoing my office. I got some great ideas for what kind of paint to use and colors I really like. I just need to find the best layout now for my desk, and place to redo my books. It will be good to get this blah blue out. I feel every where I look it’s nothing but blue…. Someone must have liked blue. LOL Well off to do other things!
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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