Half Day

Well with taking some time off at the start of the week on Tuesday to head to the beach I am trying to play get up to date and put in a half a day today at the church to get some things done that didn’t get done before now. I was reminded last night of a child’s heart and the love one can have for God. It’s a joy to seem my kids grow each day also sad to see them grow up so fast they aren’t my babies anymore. One day I will be posting how my grandkids are growing up… Oh how scary.

Diversity last night seem to go better I felt then last week. However our new prayer request will be updating our sound system. I don’t think it can keep up with this high-tech world and boy I am sure having some age on it (20 years or so) does not help. My guess is we have a internal board inside of it may be going bad or one of the tubes have broken… Yes I said tubes. (See I was not lieing it is old.) Oh well Life goes on and God’s at work in the mighty lands of Pineora…. Time to push play and say yes to the story of God and connect for life change.

In His Grip,

Pastor J

PS: So I don’t understand but it seem my Twitter account has been hacked again… 😦

One thought on “Half Day

  1. Pushed play today and was going good till brother called about a bill for my Dad, Auugh more money out. Then going to meet friend for lunch got behind two cars one in slow lane the other in fast lane both doing same speed side by side AUUUGH. Sound track started sounding bad. Then took deep breath said thank you Jesus for this wonderful day and all Your blessings and started to smile, turned up the radio and listened to GOD’S sound track. Have had a great rest of the day. God is so good to me when I don’t deserve it.

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