It’s Friday Praise God!

Fridays are great days at least when you have had a busy week. Thursday Debbie and I headed out of town to take a short, short trip to shell bluff. It was great to be able to get Debbie’s van however that was about the only reason i can say I was glad to go. One of the greatness things in life some times are the little things to having an ice maker to being able to enjoy a good cup of coffee each morning while I read some good truth in the word of God. Or even from having A/C during this hot summer, or one I am a fan of having fast internet to work with. As I was moving some things around today in my office I came across a photo I took a few years ago from my time I went to Kingston, Jamaica. One would think it would be one of the best trips ever, with nice hotels and nice places to dine on the beach front. However the place I went was not a 4 star hotel or even the cleanness beaches. During my time there, there was a war going on. Houses where little tents, you would see buses and cars turned over and on fire. When I got to the church I was to help minister to it was nothing but dirt, mud, and a few weeds in the middle of 100s of brick homes (at least that what they call them) really it was a few blocks for walls and the roof was made out of sheets. I was not sure what I was getting myself into. I drove up and found 100s of children running out under wood tables that lined the streets and out of these house looking things. They were hungry for Love. Hungry for someone to spend time with them. One little boy I met there had a steak knife he would carry with him everywhere. He said he was scared he would die before he got older. He was only 7. Oh the stories I had during my time there. Oh the people I met. At times like these you want to ask God WHY? How can this be a part of your great story? On the last day I was there packing up the van to head to the airport all the children started to sing “Jesus loves all the little children”. I have grown up hearing and singing this song in church but never did I hear it the way i did that day. With all their hearts they sang out. They sang loud and together some couldn’t sing at all but it didn’t matter. They gave life to the story of God! They have nothing but yet give God everything. That day I woke to God’s story is bigger than myself and will always be. I also woke to the face that if we don’t “push play” when things get hard in life and move forward with the story of God someone else will and we will be left behind.

In His Grip

Pastor J

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