The Time has come!

Okay so many people have been asking and been hearing things about me leaving Augusta, GA and starting something new… Well It’s true God has opened some big doors over the past few weeks and I have made the choice to “GO” As I stated a few months ago we are called by God to Go. So my time has come to do just that. After much prayer and seeking God’s face. I have been called as the Pastor of Students at a church in a little town of Guyton, GA. I don’t know what will happen over the next few years and I don’t know what things God has planned but I feel I am to go. I have never go to a ministry for pay nor for being the simple thing to do. (Wait when is ministry simple… LOL) So I ask that you join in with us as we pray over the next few days and try to get things ready for a big move. I am leaving the TV studios at the end of the month and will be moving away from Shell Bluff, GA. CSRA Nanny Agency will be coming with us and we will be opening up a office in the area. We will be keeping the office in Augusta as well for our current nannies and families. Debbie is looking forward to taking over and being able to meet new families and nannies in the area. Thanks again for everyone’s prayers and support!
In His Grip,
Pastor J

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