Going Potty Daddy…

So Emily got to stay home with me this morning!! I was blessed that she slept in to about 8:45am that allowed me to sleep in. It felt like a Saturday! Emily as many may know is like her mommy who loves to read and one of the 1st things she did this morning when she got up was pick up her books to start reading. While reading she came over to me shouting “Going Potty Daddy, Going Potty Daddy!!” So I told her to run to the bathroom to go potty…. and she gave me a big look and said once again, “Daddy Going Pottty!” I said it again go to the bathroom to go potty. She then brings me her book and points to the page… “GOING POOTTY DADDY!!! And boy did I feel dumb so I said “Oh, The people in your book are going potty!” (I was trying to think when in the Cinderella book they go potty. Sounded like a part of the book I must have missed) So thinking everything was okay Emily shouted back to me and said “DADDY NOOO!!! They are going to PARRRTY!” And once again I felt really dumb! “They are going to the Party!” I said back to her slowly to make sure that was what she said! She looked at me and said “DUH Daddy!” threw her hands up and walked away.

Another day will Daddy!
In His Grip,

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