Helping Daddy!

As long as Emily has been able to walk she has always wanted to help me do whatever it was I was doing from cooking, building something, even helping me “work” in my office or on my PC. This has been something that she has always done. Today as I went outside to pick up the trash once again that Carolina getting into it, Emily comes running outside with no shoes on and a cowboy hat on wanting to help. (Side-note: It should be the last time the dogs get into the trash… or at least I hope. With some wood, nails and a whole lot of rocks I don’t think they will be getting into it.. But you never know.) So anyway while I was picking up the trash and Emily in the background she started singing “Outside picking up trash with my daddy… Outside picking up trash with my daddy…..” She didn’t seem to care really what she was doing just that she was doing it with me. It was a good remember that in whatever we do in this new year. Doing it along side the Father God is all that matters, even it’s picking up trash.

In His Grip,

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