Too Funny to pass up!

Here is a real call log I heard about a few months back. It’s very long but very funny if you read that whole thing. It is a true call taken place by a 17 year old.

Lawyer: Good afternoon Blackson Law Firm, how can I help you today?

Guy: Yes I need a Lawyer.

Lawyer: Okay Sir how can I help you?

Guy: Well I was in injured in an accident.

Lawyer: Okay you were injured in an auto accident?

Guys: Yes a nice SUV I just upgraded to. It was a mess. I lost all my points and everything it. So what can you guys do for me… I saw your ad on a TVand it said “one call thats all”.

Lawyer: yes sir what I can do is set you up for a meeting for come into our office for free… I just need to ask you a few questions.

Guy: Sure

Lawyer: were you the driver?

Guy: yes and I was speeding

Lawyer: what was the date of the accident?

Guy: it happened two days ago.

Lawyer: what city and state did it happen in?

Guy: well it happened in LA but I am from New York, It’s hard to explain. But I was driving around and yeah… I don’t know what to say.

Lawyer: how many vehicles were involved in the accident?

Guy: Six

Lawyer: was a business or commercial vehicle involved?

Guy: a Mailman’s car got hit a little.

Lawyer: Okay I am so sorry to hear that sir.

Guy: that is okay he made it out alive… I was the only one who was injured.

Lawyer: what were your injures?

Guy: I broke my toe, I had my legs crossed and when I hit the brakes I broke it. and I woke up with a rash but I don’t know if that was from the accident.

Lawyer: did you have to get treatment or taken to the hospital?

Guy: Yes, I had to go to the hospital, they didn’t think I was going to come our alive.

Lawyer: with a broking toe and a rash?

Guy: yeah and a hurt arm.

Lawyer: oh okay…..

Guy: it’s not good at all

Lawyer: where you taken to the hospital by Emergency vehicle or EMS?
Guy: No I had to walk.

Lawyer: Sir you had to walk with a hurt arm, a rash and broke toe?

Guy: yes I did but it was only a few blocks over.

Lawyer: who was at fault for the accident?

Guy: I was, But I did have a few drinks before I went driving.

Lawyer: Did the Police come to the accident?

Guy: Yes

Lawyer: you didn’t go to jail? for DUI or six cars being involved and a mailman being hit.

Guy: the mailman’s car got hit not the person. and No the time the police got there I was at the hospital. So they don’t really know it was me.

Lawyer: Did the police give anyone a ticket or warning?

Guy: I don’t know, I was not there. I didn’t go back, I didn’t even get my car.

Lawyer: Okay did you have Auto insurance?

Guy: No

Lawyer: did anyone else there have Auto Insurance?

Guy: I don’t know I just left.

Lawyer: did you miss work due to your injures?

Guy: I am a Student

Lawyer: do you have a lawyer helping with you with this?

Guy: No that is why I am calling you guys.

Lawyer: Okay now I need to get your contact info to set up a office meeting, okay?

Guy: Okay, I am just really mad because I lost all my points on Xbox 360 Live and I just need to get them all back you know….

Lawyer: Sir…..

Guy: Yeah, Man I was about to get a high score too now they are all gone.

Lawyer: So…. This accident happen on the Xbox 360 game?

Guy: Yes it was a video game accident.

Lawyer: ……Ohhhh…….Ok…..well sir we can’t take your case.

Guy: well it was not my fault… we really do have a case… we can sue LittleMan223 for all his xbox points.

Lawyer: ….. yeah……*Click*

Guy: Hello?

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