The Dell Dies!!!

Okay so my computer dies, after weeks of trying to keep it together and getting it to run it stopped working… You can turn it on and you can turn it off. If you try to do anything with it it will just freeze up and act like it is about to blow up. It has been a pain in my neck to past few months. I still think it is acting the way it is because the techs who worked on it a few months back. They really messed it up and turn the computer into some paper box filled with light bulbs and wires sticking out of it… So due to the lovely fact that it is not working right and we just paid a lot of money to get Internet again for the company I had to get a new computer. It is used but new to me. I had to search and look online today to see what I could find and I found a few good deals. I guess with school starting back people want to get rid of there pcs and are buying new ones. I must say that the Dell is going to be the 1st and last computer I custom build and spend over 1k. With the world changing everyday and so many new things coming out and going out of date the next day I think I will start going cheaper but more offen. I think that is really the only way to keep up with the techie world or as least half of the time. I still am not getting Wins 7 or anything but as least or just hope and pray getting a computer that works. and at this point that is all I am wanting. My best issue is that I am losing all my programs, say good buy Photoshop, and MS Office Pro 7. Oh Well lets hope this is the last of our PC problems for a while a long while!
In His Grip,

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