~A day with the cows~

Okay so maybe it was not a day full of cows. For the most part it was a nice day…. we got to get out a little and see the town.. bigger then wayensboro, who would think. We went to a nice little coffee joint that had some really good coffee. I have been to some in small towns that can’t make anything. And the price was really good to. We got to drive a little around town today and see what the downtown of Fort Morgan is all about. Smell but nice! When we got home we laid down for a nap but Emily woke up with a bad cold and a bad sore throat. Debbie went out and got her some meds and some things to help her. She has been off and on for a while now. She seems to want to be up and move around a little or be held and then she will fall asleep in a few secs. Debbie and her family went out to a dinner tonight in town and I had to stay with Emily as she is not feeling well. She is doing okay, I gave her something to eat and she seem to eat a little. I wanted her to drink a little more but at this point she is not in the mood. I will keep trying to push things down her. She wanted to be held so I held her while I watched the news and Touched By A Angel..(tonight they had Sylar aka Zachary Quinto. in it) it was really good. I have not seen Touched by a Angel in years. when it came out in the 90’s I watched it everyday sometimes 3 times a day. I got the sound track that came out soon after a few shows. It was a great soundtrack. I like their Christmas CD too. Well Emily is past out in the bed (not sleeping well I can tell) and I am a little down my self. I have been taking a few meds for the past 4 hours and I am loving my new SEA-BAND It is a neat thing I have never heard of them before last weekend when I walked in Walgreen’s to get some meds for traveling on the airplane. I didn’t wear it on the plane as I was a little worried about it they really work and didn’t want to look dumb wearing them. I felt really sick and nausea last night so I put them on and sure thing I felt a lot better after a while. I was not 100% better but I could tell a big difference. Check out their website they even have one for kids too. (www.sea-band.com) Pray that the Lord will heal Emily fast and she will get over this cold over night.. The sooner the better because she sounds bad. Updates later!
In His Grip,

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