Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Okay so we didn’t go on a train but we did go on this cool Auto-tram thingy at the airport. I would have to say the out of all the things that we traveled in I am a ground lover…. The only thing we missed was a boat.. and boy if we could take a boat all the way from SC to CO I would be in good shape… It might take longer but would be nice… The flights where fine for the most part but again this is from someone who hates to fly… and Yes I still hate planes. I am still going to push that we rent a RV for one of our trips down here. That will have to a longer trip so we can take our time and enjoy our stops. But anyway we are here now so no more talk about planes untill next week where we have to do this all over again (Oh Joy!)

Now I can fill the rest of this blog up with talking about PINE tress…. I am jokeing!!

I have a little rat dog trying to set ontop of my netbook so I guess that means the topic of Pine tress will come later… LOL 🙂

In His Grip,


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