Someone said Airplane!!

Okay so if you don’t know by now Debbie and I are going home to CO. for the week. We are both are happy about this trip, Debbie has not been home to see her family in almost 2 years and Emily has not seen that side of the world yet nor any family members their. God blessed us with a great price to get to go.. However…. It’s on a airplane!!! DID I you see what I just said IT’S ON A AIRPLANE!!!! I hate planes and even blogging about it makes me want to cry…. (okay maybe it’s not that bad, but it is really bad.) last time I went on a plane I was turned green and white. I looked like Kermit the frog and Michael Jackson’s baby. LoL I hope and pray it will not be so bad this time.. The best part is Debbie and I will be able to have seats next to each other both ways and baby Emily will be there so I can keep my mind on her. Pray she does well as this is the 1st time she has been on a plane and with her still under 2 she flys FREE, can’t beat that. I have start packing and trying to find a way to get my whole house in one little bag. I even watched a YouTube video on how to pack the right way… I know I am dumb! Oh we even got Carolina a hotel for the 1st time in her life… We have never taken any of our pets to a pet hotel before. This will be fun.. and as she is getting older we are hoping will do well with this long stay without us. I keep thinking it is like when you put your Neopet in the hotel on the but Debbie says it is a little different then the video game… and no they won’t have mints on their pillow… LOL 🙂 I will give updates on how things go with Carolina and our trip… I am hoping everything will go fast and well during our getting into the airport… and PLEASE pray for us!
In His Grip,

PS: I am shopping around for a parachute if anyone knows of a good deal….. 🙂

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