~Quick Update~

Okay, so our 3 year old is now in full-time daycare/ school. Debbie and I now just have Emily to watch all day. It is really nice when we have meetings and lately it seems we have a lot. This morning Debbie went out to lunch with a few people from the office and I got to stay home with Emily. It reminded me of Emily and I’s year together at home on the farm. I enjoyed it for the time I was with her…. But no I could not go back to that again full-time. I told Debbie we should make a date for lunch sometime during the week where it can be a family kinda thing with just us. In other news It was a nice day today. It seemed to really warm up and after about a month of cold mornings and days and some even icy it was nice to have a change. I am currently still working on trying to get my computer back up and running with some more programs. I don’t even think when you buy a new computer it comes with so little programs. The one program I am trying to find, and if not I will have to buy is MS office. I keep getting emails today from the office and they are not coming through right. maybe I will luck out in finding something. Emily found new friends this week… bigger then her stuff animals. She loves them I think she even slept with them all night last night in her big girl bed.

In His Grip,

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