~A little bit of the past~

So I was asked the other day about what kind of jobs I have had in the past and it got me thinking… When I find a day when I don’t know what to post why don’t I post about it…. So here is something to make the time fly by LOL. Some of you may or may not know some of this.

Job 1: Book stocker

Job 2: Bus Boy.

Job3: Kitchen manager.

Job 4: Loss Prevention Officer.

Job 5: Broadcasting/A/V Director

Job 6: Youth Pastor

Job 7: SC State Chaplain

Job 8: Associate Pastor

Job 9: Loss Prevention/ Key Holder

Job 10: 1st Lieutenant

Job 11: Admissions Director

Job 12: Pastor of Students

Job 13: TeacherParent

Job 14: HouseDad

Job 15: SD Certified Instructor (Current)

Job 16: Sub-Teacher (Current when in GA)

Wow Seems to be a lot of stuff but I guess when God moves us he moves us. Some where for a short time and some went on for more then a few years, some I am still doing.

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