A little reminder in life!

I was coming home last night from taking back two of our past kids and I had two of our new kids in the back of the van. After their movie went off “Happy Feet”. Oh and if you ever have kids and are getting a van make sure it has a DVD player in it, they are great. Anyway the movie went off so it was time to listen to some music I turned it to the radio and guess what…. Yep, nothing but preaching. Now if you know me you know I would jump at the fact there was preaching on as I love to listen to preaching or can we say most preaching. But when you have kids in the back seat bored out of their minds, preaching is not the way to go. So I found a kids CD and put that on. The kids loved it. They where singing and having a fun time. Most of the the songs they knew every word to. Now the reason I bring this up is not to tell about what I did last night or even why people should have a DVD player vs CD player. But it was the simple fact of the kids where singing. That simple truth. See there were times they didn’t know the words to a song, but they kept singing. There were times they they were off key or tone, but they kept singing. There was even a time I felt like one of the kids was going to hurt themselves singing so loud. but they kept singing. It was not the best singing I have heard and no it was not anything I would even want to hear again. At one point I was thinking I was hearing a cat dieing in pain. But also at that point I was reminded and even asked myself the question. “When did we stop singing for God?” I know we sing at church, in the car, some of us in the shower. But what I was reminded of was a time in life where it didn’t matter how well I sang, or how loud I gave a shout. If I sang like a dieing cat or even a sick cow. But when was the last time I sang not caring what others thinks or heard. It is not so much the singing part that hit me but the part of it didn’t matter how these kids sounded or how loud they got, they knew the words to the song or not. It was it didn’t matter any of that what matter is they where going to sing as passionate as they can as hard as they can. So that is my question “when did people stop singing?” maybe for you it is not really singing but teaching, or writing, playing something, sharing, giving, reading, or maybe loving, or whatever it is in your life that shows God is first in your life and no mater what want to show it. It is not so much God is not first in peoples lives it is that at some point in their life we stopped showing it. Maybe it was for a reason or maybe we don’t even know it. I think we all get to a point in our live were we stop singing maybe for some it is for a short time or even maybe for years. And some may still be singing but not as hard as when we first started. Remember, “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot……….I will spit you out of my mouth.” about being lukewarm. Maybe we are singing but it is not as “hot” as it once was. I found it a good reminder…

-In His Grip,

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