Back Pain!

Okey so here I am again with anther post that has taken me weeks to get out. I am not sure if I am just forgetting to post or if I am just so busy it is the last thing I really want to do….. I think in all truth I have just been too busy to blog. There has been a lot going on over the past few weeks so here is a short recap of everything:
Debbie’s Birthday was about a week ago and I have been wanting to get her this gift for years now and just have not had the money or not been able to find it but this year I said was the year for me to get it for her. So I found it at discount price and Hope she enjoyed it. It was a “willow tree” the company not a real tree.
Emily has been growing and getting smarter as the days go by. I could write a book on all the things she is doing and how she keeps me smiling everyday.
In work news things are busying and over the past few weeks and even days have been trying to get more of our yearly training. We are working on TCI training this week and next. I am so not looking forward to the test we have to take on it all. I am about 95% sure I will not pass. But when it comes to most test I don’t!
In other news. over the past two weeks I have been fighting with back pain. really bad back pain. I have been takeing meds and resting it during the day. Well the other day I was out feeling better working in the yard, getting things ready for the winters months here. I went to get the garden cart that goes on the back of the garden tractor that you put dirt, tools and stuff in while working out side. Well dumb me I put in on it on the back hook of the tractor not looking it in place at the time as I was only going a few 100 yards and it had ants on the look of the chart. I would lock it before I would put anything in it later. Well while coming down hill of the hilly driveway the girls where being kids (not thinking) and came from behind running up to the back of the chart to jump in it. well with it not being locked down it came off the hook and hit me in the back. Ya well skipping to today. I am still in bed with ice packs and alot of meds. Monday I go in to see my doctor. He said if I could not stand the pain before then he would make a house call and come check things out. Today I am able to get up and walk again I just still can’t bend down or turn a full left or right. I am finding that I feel better today if I sleep it off. before it didn’t matter if I took a nap or not it still hurt, so maybe things are looking up a little. I am still in a lot of pain and not sleeping all that well. But I guess it will take a little of time. I am glad however we are back in the upstate area where my back doctor is. As you may know I hate doctors and think the only doctors I should ever have is my Eye Doctor and my Back Doctor other then that NO WAY!!!!

In Pain,

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