~The Child God Uses~

As I wrote this week about sometimes we miss God in all the Godly work we do or sometimes we have big buildings blocking our view we must somethings move or get away from things to see God again. I was once again reminded of that last night while watching our movie. Each Friday night is movie night with the girls. And we got Veggie Tales “Jonah”, well while watching it, it kept messing up and would stop or skip big parts of the movie. After having to stop it, take it out and retry it like 4 times it did it once again. Everyone in the room was getting upset as we all wanted to watch to movie. But while trying to clean the disc and putting it back on again one of the girls out of nowhere stopped and asked if we could pray to God over the DVD. And yes we did just that we prayed over that little disc… I think it was to 1st time in my life I have ever prayed over a DVD before. But in truth it really woke me up to the heart of a child and how in that minute God used that girl to broke down the stress of everyone in the room to reminded us “God is Bigger” and when we find ourselves in a hard place or when life gets us down lets turn to Christ.
-In His Grip,

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