~Troubles in Construction~

Why is it when it seems I have a great deal, great price, great project, when it comes right now to doing the job it just is not what I wanted. From the start of our housing project things have gone wrong. From clearing the trees on our land to getting the stumps up. To fixing the road having to build a bridge for the water to flow. To getting to tractors and tools I have needed all the way to drilling the water well and the biggest one getting our house. Just about everyone person I have contacted to do the job has not called me back or when they did do it did it slow or wrong. I feel I get one step up and two steps back. Even to this day I am waiting for the power pole guy to call me and come out. I have called him 4 times. and have been waiting on him for 3 days. I might get someone else. But in doing that I have to go back to the drawing board and start all over again having to find the best prices. I think this maybe the first and last time I have this big of project…. Okay I am sure I will have many more in my life but next time I will do more my self (so it can get done right). When I get all this done I know I will be so glad! I might have to have a party!!! I know Debbie will be glad when it is over. I think I have been stressing her out more then myself. Well I know it is getting to a end soon I am starting to see the end…. I said starting…. 🙂

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