Man Eater!!

Well the sun is out once again and nothing is happen with this house. I am praying they are getting everything ready so we can move on the our next and biggest part. The getting of the house. There was a few days of light to mid rain and the road seems to be holding so that is a blessing. I will be so glad with all of this will be over. I hope and pray soon if no more road blocks come. Emily has been off a little today and I am noticing that she is a lot me when it comes to food. If she does not get food she turns into a monster. LOL No I am for real she does. It is very scary. But when she get the fuel we call food she is a Sweet little girl. When Debbie goes without food she gets sick, when I go without food I like Emily turn in to a monster. (Debbie chooses to use other words) In other news We are starting to give away our cats so if anyone needs a cat or wants one please please please.. come and take one or two. Oh we also have a brat of a dog someone can have too. 🙂 Well I guess it is time for me to now eat now that Emily is down for her nap. I also need to clean house, oh joy!

In His Grip,

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