Tuedays Morning!

So Easter went well. The week for me has started. I slept in this morning and so did Emily. I think she is not feeling well today. I am thinking it is her getting more teeth. It has been reallt wet here today and I am so ready for the sun to come out and dry everything up. The driveway looks like a swamp and I can’t get worm and dry myself. The house is a mess and I am not sure where to start. I think I might need to take a happy pill to get things done or make some coffee. maybe I will skip the making the coffee and just eat the beans. 🙂 Oh last week I talked about the new Win Vista Blogger Buddy that sits on your desktop and you can post on your blog without having to sign in and wait for everything to load. I have enjoyed it, I think Debbie has enjoyed it too. Here is a picture of what it looks like. Oh I forgot to updated on what happen at the eye doctors friday. I got my contact out and he said that everything looks good. I still have to use artifieial tears but my other meds I have been taken off of. Now that we are back home I can’t seem to get my internet to work as good has it did when we left. I think the storm maybe did something to the tower. But I am hoping things are going to work better once the sun comes out if it does?!?! Oh well time to starting cleaning the hosue while Emily is down for her nap.

In His Grip,


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